Ignite’s team building events incorporate a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities that include various obstacle courses, mind challenges and strength & agility games. Choose from one of our teambuilding days, water fun challenges, sports days, dragon boating, primary fun or mix and match to create a range of activities.

Sessions are fun, of low to medium intensity and challenges are designed so that goals can only be met if teams successfully work together.

Each event is designed specifically around your needs from two-hour afternoon sessions, half day, full day or the weekend.

How do we support your event?

  1. The registration process for your teams
  2. Prizes
  3. F&B
  4. The team and empires to run your event
  5. MC – music
  6. Medals and trophies
  7. Mood boards and other marketing tools
  8. Videographer and photographer
  9. T shirts and much more…

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Our Services

Primary Fun

Experience the fun, the teamwork and the excitement of a Corporate Balls tournament, encompassing volleyball, football, dodge ball, shot & score, basketball and much more…

The benefits to be gained from the day are: improved communication, team power, new skills, shared leadership, building a game plan and a whole lot of fun!

Water Fun

It’s sink or swim time! Will your team come out high and dry, or end up all wet? Can you build a raft fast enough with the tools provided and will it float to provide safe passage?

Paddle against the clock, we bring the rafts and provide the paddles you bring the energy

Dragon Boat racing is a powerful metaphor for building high performing teams. Paddle in time, be the drummer, get the best time for the day

Stand Up Paddle boarding relays, must we say more?

Round Robin Football

Experience the fun, the teamwork and the excitement of a mini football tournament. The event will begin with learning the rules and finer points of each game.

The actual tournament will involve all teams playing against each other in a round-robin fashion. There must be a minimum of one female per team.

Football is undeniably a naturally dynamic team-building sport that enables participants to be challenged, have fun and bond with their team members.

Note this can also be created for volleyball and touch rugby

Robinson Crusoe series

This is a unique team-building program designed to enhance effective teamwork by simulating real life problem-solving situations. The games highlight skills common to all winning teams – trust, cooperation, mutual support, open communication and accountability. Activities are geared towards reinforcing a winning attitude within each team and cultivating the creative skills of each individual. Build, create, solve, jump, direct, crawl, pull some of the things you may experience

Beach Activity – Sport Days

Physical and functional exercises taking place on the Beach and in the Water. How fast can your team transport water to solve a challenge? Can I lift this without spilling a drop? The renowned Ignite relay for bonus points at the end! Whatever your requirement we can make it happen.

Teambuilding with wellness

We get your team communicating and working together to solves problems. Parallel to this we find gabs to educate individuals about their wellness. Conclusion, great team building activities that have left you on a high, education about your personal wellness, finally relax and distress we don't want you too excited ;)


When travelling as a group you never now what challenges you may face from you surrounding environment, working together to find solutions will be crucial to success. Build a freestanding bridge, create the perfect square, and build a tower or a craft to support your passenger. You could be trapped in a situation, how do you get out of it? Would your team know what to do on the Moon?

We have some exiting scenarios that will really get you team thinking and jelling together. These activities can be done indoors our outdoors to suite your requirements and the UAE weather.

Ignite Teambuilding

Definition physical activity - Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. At Ignite we like to incorporate ‘physical activity’ within our teambuilding. The challenges that we put together incorporate tools focusing on communication, creativity, motivation and fun.

All our products are customizable to suit your needs.

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